What’s in common with the beloved presentation?

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Business handshake at meeting or negotiation in the office. Partners are satisfied because signing contract or financial papers. selective focus

Are you preparing your presentation today?

We’d like to talk about how to make your presentation the way better. Most of us can be divided into three main categories.

1. People who explain difficult stories in a hard way.

2. People who explain difficult stories easily.

3. People who speak needlessly obscure language in an easy way to understand.

Which of the examples above do you belong to? If you see yourself giving a presentation, you might feel embarrassed.
Is there any way to make presentations that is fascinating like Steve Jobs, who is one of the best presenters, or the famous TED speakers? So, we prepared common things in the popular presentations and presenters.
There are many elements of a popular presentation, but three of them are crucial.

1. Not boring stories

2. Interesting visuals.

3. Exceptional tone, pronunciation, and posture.

A lot of the famous speakers at TED have prepared interesting visuals based on stories and information that are not boring in usual, and give presentations using good tone, pronunciation, and posture. Professional presenters give a dynamic presentation with simple but powerful visuals in a confident and relaxed attitude.

What’s in common with the beloved presentation?

1. Not boring stories

When giving a presentation in front of an audience, it is better to speak concisely, focusing on the main content. The audience usually don’t like talkative Presenters. Speaking in long and complicated confuses the other person and disrupts communication. With this, to help the audience better understand the essence of the story, we recommend you clearly distinguish the outline, body, and summary. Through the outline, speak the topic of the story you want to tell the audience, explains the main body in detail, and summarizes the main topic of the presentation once more in the summary stage.

2. The interesting visuals

Through a presentation, the audience sees, hears, and empathizes. A failed presentation can be seen, listened to, and just finished. Visual effects are very principal in the process of eliciting empathy. Audiences can easily understand the main content of the presentation through thematic PowerPoint template designs that match the theme and visualizations such as infographics that make it easier to accept difficult contents. We’ve often heard people say that presentation templates don’t matter, but I think it’s wrong. We’ve thought you’ve already heard a lot about how important design is in campaigns and advertisements other than presentations, so I’ll skip why it’s necessary. If you are not a professional designer, I recommend that you use a site with various presentation templates and Google Slides themes for each topic. In the case of ohmyslide.com, various presentation templates and Google Slides themes are prepared in various colors, designs, and themes along with several fields such as business, marketing, and education. What’s more, we’re giving you all of this for free! Lovely, isn’t it?

ohmyslide.com’s free presentation templates and free Google Slides themes will help you visualize your presentations even more.

3. Exceptional tone, pronunciation, and posture.

When giving a presentation, the presenter should proceed with the right attitude towards the audience such as not turning their backs on the audience.

A presentation is a communication between a single presenter (or presenters) and a large number of audiences, and it is not a one-way transfer of information, but rather sharing the information I have with the audience and telling the story while observing the audience’s reaction. Therefore, I recon when giving a presentation, you should look at the audience and do eye contacts. Also, gesture is important to presenters as well. Even with the same content, let’s say if you use gestures, the meaning of the content is emphasized, and the effect is enhanced.

But if your gestures are going to help convey the message, it’s important to make them big and clear, not small and passive. I’ve explained why and how some of the most popular presentation speeches have in common till now. So, speech can be summarized as a non-boring story, visual performance, and skills such as the speaker’s tone, pronunciation, and posture are important. Speaking concisely, speaking in an outline-body-summary format, making eye contact with the audience without being shy, and using clear, and meaningful hand gestures are basic strategies to get your message across. Above all, before your important presentation, write the script you want to tell the audience, think about the necessary gestures, and practice in front of your mirror.

We hope our universe loves your presentations.


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