What colour should we choose when designing PowerPoint?

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What colour should we choose when designing PowerPoint? Have you thought about the colour when design? Colour is very crucial part in various fields of advertising, products, and campaigns, including PowerPoint. If you can use these important colours in a right time and place, you can see them as a good designers. As a designer, it is very important to understand the meaning of colours and the importance of each colour. Let’s see the meaning of each color through the contents below.

What colour should we choose when designing PowerPoint?

  • Red

Pitch Deck Simple red Slides

Red is an intense color with various meanings.
Interestingly, we can represent the meaning of positivity and negativity together. Red represents power, passion, confidence, and love, as well as anger, warning, danger, and anxiety.
In addition, it can make people impatient. It has the property of rushing decision-making. It is also a good choice to use red for messages emphasized to promote sales. Feel free to use the meaning of red, which has two meanings.

Here are some tips for you : When designing buttons that require attention, such as deletion or cancellation, it is recommended to use intense colours such as red, reminiscent of warnings.

  • Orange

Orange is a colour that makes you feel joy and warmth with energy like the sun. This colour is widely used to convey optimistic messages. It is widely adopted in corporate establishing brands because it represents a young and optimistic future.

  • Yellow

lecture Presentation

Yellow is a colour reminiscent of freshness and innocence. It catches the eye for a long time with a noticeable color such as red, so it is mainly used to express what is emphasized.
It is mainly used in active message delivery and warning notifications.

  • Green

ECO Presentation

I’m sure you have seen the most common design using green. Green is a flexible colour that can express positive energy in various ways. It is widely used in various fields such as bills, trees, and food. This colour is very useful because green can express various positive signals with tone control alone.
Low saturation green expresses calmness and comfort, and high saturation green expresses freshness and vitality. Due to the strong perception that it is the color of nature, it appears in themes such as organic, yoga, and eco-friendly and expresses health.
Especially, financial institutions use green as a color that gives trust.

  • Blue

Mobile Powerpoint Template

Blue represents neutrality, safety, and friendliness. It’s a good for professionalism. It shows positive and reliable signals, is also widely used for brand images. However, there are also things to be careful about when using it. Because the spectrum of blue includes depression. It’s charm and usability that can express various emotions are very good.
In addition, the meaning of each country or citizen’s colour may be different.


  • Pink

Pink has long been used to target women. I agree that it is now a meaningless era to classify colors by gender characteristics. However, it is true that pink has been used to symbolize many women’s brands, so it would be good to check.
Pink, which has a soft yet playful atmosphere, represents passion, love, and youth. Also, even the same pink color can be produced in various ways depending on the tone. For example, in the case of hot pink, it catches people’s attention, but the light pink color is reminiscent of a calm and shy appearance. Pink has changed a lot with the times. In the past, it used to be the color of a shy girl, but now it expresses a confident woman. In the future, the usability of pink is expected to be more diverse than just a specific gender color.


  • White

Social media PPT Template

White typically represents innocence. It also represents the beauty of simplicity and empty space. Other design objects and colors can breathe and stand out through white. In practical design, it is sometimes used to increase the contrast effect.


  • purple

Universe Science Ppwerpoint

Purple is an elegant and mysterious color. It also expresses loyalty. So, it can be very useful when trying to emphasize trust. The mystery of purple has traditionally been used as a feminine color and expresses royalty, nobility, and luxury.


  • Brown

Bakery Presentation

The natural and neutral brown makes you feel warm and safe. Don’t you think of natural soil when you think of Brown? If your brand motifs organic, healthy, or nature-friendly things, make sure to consider brown.


  • Black

If you’re reluctant to use black, think about it again. This is because black not only expresses negative aspects but also seriousness and power. Sometimes it makes the design sophisticated Black is a color that can be used enough as long as it does not darken the overall atmosphere with excessive use. This color can be the best choice if you want to tell your story in a sophisticated way.


  • Gray

The gray in the middle of black and white is used to neutralize many colors. However, be careful when using gray. If you use gray incorrectly, you may feel depressed or quiet.
As I emphasized in the previous article, the way colors are meant may differ depending on the culture of each country. Of course, these preliminary surveys are essential because the design concept must be made in consideration of the object.

In addition, it should be noted that even the same color can convey various meanings by adjusting the color, saturation, and brightness that make up the color.


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