– For Powerpoint : You can download and use it by selecting the PowerPoint button on the right side of the detail page.

– For Google slides : You can use it by selecting the Google Slides button on the detail page and then selecting make copy.


-OHMYSLIDE’s contents is widely available for personal and commercial use.

-Users must provide OHMYSLIDE with an attribute by preserving the specified page. (The detail is included in the presentation.)

Not allowed.

-Sublicense (all resources including images, icons, shapes, etc. included in the presentation, together with the original and modified versions through secondary processing) or sale and rental of OHMYSLIDE content;

-Distribution for use not authorized by OHMYSLIDE

-Provided as content for download (for both free and paid contents)

-Excessive copyright acquisition of all OHMYSLIDE contents and included resources

NOTE : You can check the details of the templates license.

You can give attribution to OHMYSLIDE by leaving the thanks page of the content not deleted. 

(attribution and donations are the driving force for creators to continue creating)

If you are using Google Slides, you do not need to download the fonts directly from Google Fonts (depending on the font, installation may be required).

In the case of PowerPoint, font installation may be required. 

So please download and install the fonts provided in the presentation and run the presentation again.

If you use any of the resources included in your presentation, you must also provide an attribution on to Slidessurf content used.

Yes, of course.

Keynote is compatible with PowerPoint.

Depending on your design resource, you may encounter issues with conversion.

You can find out more about the keynote through https://www.apple.com/keynote/compatibility/

If you have any further questions, please send an email to [email protected].